PROJECT: Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy

Website Redesign

Platform: WordPress

Features: Mobile & Tablet Responsive, Newsletter Creation & Management

Upgraded: 2016
Redesigned: 2013
Original Project: 2007

Completed for Waterloo Region’s favourite local Martial Arts Studio, this mobile-responsive website markets to potential students and informs current students.

The latest version also includes functionality to create and manage newsletters from directly within the WordPress Control Panel.

An Evolving Website based on Continuous Improvement

A long-term client, WKFA’s website has evolved with the Internet from a static HTML website, to a full, mobile-friendly, content management system.

2016 Updated Website – Homepage – Full-Screen View

The 2013 website redesign radically improved the WKFA website, migrating it to a WordPress content-management system. The website radically improved experiences for their users. In 2016, we chose to upgrade the WordPress theme that controls the website’s design, incorporating several new features, including a new homepage slideshow. - Updated Homepage - Full Screen View

2016 Updated Website – Homepage – Mobile View

The mobile-friendly version represented the most important improvement accomplished with the 2013 website redesign. But, we were not completely happy with the way the logo looked on the mobile view. The 2016 theme upgrade further improved the mobile experience. - Homepage - Mobile View

2013 Redesigned Website – About Us page – Full-Screen View

Although the previous version of the website we designed for WKFA in 2007 (shown below) served them well for a number of years, the advent of social media, blogging, and mobile use, prompted the Academy to embark on a website redesign, which we launched in 2013. This new site automatically changes to fit small screens and allows the Academy to add new posts themselves via the WordPress Control Panel. - About Us - Full Screen View

2013 Redesigned Website – About Us page – Mobile View

On mobile devices, the menu changes and the page elements stack one under the other. - About Us - Mobile View

2007 Original Website Design

In 2007, Blue Orchard designed and launched this version for the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy. Coded in standard compliant static HTML, it served the academy well for over half a decade. - Previous Website

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