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My name is Deborah Jones and I established Blue Orchard Communications & Web Design in 2003. I consider my business a great adventure, an act of creativity, and a conscious decision for a more authentic life.

As a Communications Specialist, with a Masters degree in “Language and Professional Writing”, I bring you a solid grounding in communication, information architecture and usability expertise; the result is an organized and straightforward process and a user-friendly end product.

Most importantly, I promise you’ll get the personal attention you deserve at a rate you can afford.

I would be delighted to speak with you about your own experience in business, and to help you to communicate more effectively with your chosen audience.

Deborah Jones, Owner
Blue Orchard Communications & Web Design

P.S. You can see my passion for writing and other pleasures play out on my blog: Thrivival.ca

We promise you exceptional value and attention-to-detail.
Deborah Jones

Owner, Blue Orchard

Blue Orchard Bee

The Blue Orchard Bee

A small blue bee native to North America, this solitary wild bee is responsible for quietly and efficiently pollinating many of our orchard’s fruit trees.
Blue Orchard Bee


From the Hebrew word signifying ‘bee’.

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