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PROJECT: Waterloo Central Railway

Website Redesign & Information Architecture



Platform: WordPress

Features: Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Completed: 2016

A Website Redesign and Information Architecture project for a Waterloo Region not-for-profit historic railway, which runs between St. Jacobs Market, St. Jacobs Village, and Elmira, Ontario.

Homepage – Full-Screen View

Although the original Waterloo Central Railway website was developed very professionally, it did not serve customer needs. It contained too much information but lacked the most important information that prospective customers needed to understand the railway and how to ride it.

The new project focused extensive time on editing existing content to condense and re-architect it into concise, easy-to-scan information, as well as writing new content that catered specifically to the needs of potential riders.

We also rebranded the site to align with the railway’s desired colour scheme (tuscan red with gold accents) and historic theme.

The updated information and architecture has significantly reduced customer calls and the burden placed on volunteers to answer customer questions.

Like all our WordPress-based websites, this site is tablet and mobile responsive.

WaterlooCentralRailway.com - Homepage - Full Screen View

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