I love running my own business: controlling my own schedule, solving problems independently, creating great work. I do NOT love administrating my business: estimates, invoices, payments, time tracking…these tasks have plagued me in the past. Then, one glorious day, a colleague introduced me to Harvest.

Are you struggling with your business administration? Stop struggling and get Harvest! For under $200/year, it will change the way you do business for the better.

What is Harvest?

Harvest time trackingHarvest is a web-based time tracking and online invoicing solution for small business.

Harvest’s Core Features

  • Time Tracking
    Using a time tracking widget on my laptop, I accurately log all time for client projects. When I sit down to work, I turn on the time tracker associated with that project and enter notes outlining the work I am accomplishing. I ensure that I know how long a project has taken and my client can rest assured that I have logged the time accurately because I send them my detailed reports, generated from Harvest.
  • Online Estimates
    I create and send my estimates through Harvest. My client receives a PDF and a link to the detailed estimate to review online. When my client clicks the “Accept” button, I receive an alert, giving me the green light to start their project!
  • Online Invoicing
    I create and send my invoices through Harvest. My client receives a PDF invoice and link to the invoice page for payment. I can view a list of my outstanding invoices with due dates. Harvest automatically sends reminders to my clients, if their invoice remains unpaid past the due date.
  • Online Payments
    In the past, I accepted payment through paper cheques or Email Money Transfers. But, with Harvest, my clients can now pay their invoice through PayPal directly from the invoice page!
  • Project Budget Tracking
    When I start a new project, I enter it into Harvest with a budget. Harvest alerts me when I am approaching the time allocated for that project.
  • Easy Access
    I can access my Harvest account via the web, desktop widgets, my iPhone, and more.
  • Fantastic Support
    Harvest’s support page says they reply to support requests within two hours, which in and of itself is impressive! What’s more impressive? The two times I have required assistance, I received a reply back within fifteen minutes AND the reply included exactly the information I needed to solve my problem.

Are you struggling with your business administration? Stop struggling and get Harvest!