Seeing differently describes how I aspire to view the world. That’s why, at Blue Orchard, our mission is to help you to see differently—to bring a fresh perspective to your business communications; to help you to move out of that proverbial box in which we can all get stuck; and to help you to see what your customers see.

I believe:

  • Anything that “everybody knows” is worth further investigation.
  • Our decisions should be based on information rather than assumption.
  • We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we realize it or not.
  • You have to believe it to see it.
  • You create your universe.

It’s your life; make it a beautiful one.

Namaste! Deborah

In case you couldn’t tell from my website, I love bees. I have been fascinated by them ever since my beekeeper uncle took me out to help him tend to his beehives when I was a child. Honeybees have mastered cooperation and the understanding that we are all fragments of a whole.