To be, or not to be? That is the [grammatical] question.

Strong writing communicates action. Action requires strong verbs. Would you like one sure tip for improving your writing? Always avoid all forms of the verb To Be.

Why avoid the verb To Be? It communicates “being” without action. It stagnates your message. And, it acts as a scapegoat, allowing you to avoid identifying the subject of your sentence. Example:

With the verb To Be: The document is to be reviewed before it is submitted and any instances of the verb To Be are to be replaced with a more active verb. [Reviewed by whom?]

Without the verb To Be: Ask your colleague to review the document before submission and replace all instances of the verb To Be with a more active verb.

To be, or not to be [grammatically]? NOT!

Note 1: This principle applies to non-fiction as well as fiction. As a result, I’ve republished this post on my Novel Website. See how it plays out there: